Annie’s Salvation

By Ayush Jain (LMB)

She sits on the porch, tears in her eyes as Annie reflects on the distant past. The image that comes to her mind is a happy one, of her two kids, Marie and little James on a sunny afternoon at their ranch in Maverick county, Texas. Both of her kids are enjoying the countryside, care-free and away from the perils of the modern jungle. She has fond memories of her kids, playing around haystacks, horse riding, driving away the cattle, running to the sound of the ice cream trucks pass by, listening to their grandpa’s tales and finally tired from the day’s mischief, sleeping like angels in the night.

At the same time, she is still haunted by that moment in which her entire life was torn apart. As her mind dawns on that day, she still remembers going to drop her kids to school. As she is about to leave, she is suddenly alarmed by the shrieks coming from the school compound. She is jolted back to the present, saddened at the feeling of loss. Her kids were taken from her within a split of a second as a bus trampled her children to death in the school compound. Annie lives on, brave in character not to doom herself to the same fate as that of her children.

How she wishes to return to those days in the countryside. She wants time to be frozen in those moments as the mother inside wails for the want of love from her children. All she is left with is that picture, the happy moments with her children on the farm, beautifully captured in a single shot. She feels peace at last as she clutches onto the picture, withdrawing into the darkness into a world from which she may never return to reality.

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