September Month, the ninth month of the calendar and the seasonal equivalent of March brings the “International Literacy Day” on 8th day of the month, declared by UNESCO in 1965.

Literacy is one of the biggest challenges faced today. Going by the facts, there are still millions of people deprived of this basic necessity of life which helps humans develop. But, let us all take a minute and think, what do we mean by a literate human?

Everybody knows that whosoever has acquired the skill of reading and writing is a literate. But being only a literate is enough? What is required is not just make people literate but educated. Best of schools and universities only makes us literate but not educated. Education changes the person as a whole. An educated person has the direction to apply these skills & knows his/her responsibility towards family, society and country. It is more of using the ethical practices to bring a real change in the society.

Let me cite an example of the recent case of the famous saint cum self-proclaimed god – The GODMAN, THE MESSENGER OF GOD, Mr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan. When everybody was celebrating Janmashtami, Rakshabandhan and the 71st Independence Day of our country, suddenly everybody was shocked to see that this so called Godman is a criminal, which shook the faith of millions of people. Gathered from the news, the so called followers of the saint have created so much of havoc in different parts of the country which are difficult to believe.


In today’s modern world, educated people having progressive minds should not succumb to blind faith. One can expect that illiterate people are very much susceptible to these Godmen, but let me tell you, even the educated ones who call themselves modern, possessing progressive minds, were involved in creating chaos on the roads. These series of events beg the question – if we are really educated, living in the 21st century, becoming more & more powerful and competent in terms of knowledge, strength, technology, where we believe in performance and not on just the words through alluring advertisements, then why are we living with such blind faith? Someone whom we have faith in has been found guilty of a crime which he has actually committed, it makes us angry and rather than accepting the truth, we start damaging public property in the name of protesting.

Are we really educated is a question we must all ask ourselves.

Just increasing the literacy rate won’t help this nation or any nation grow and move towards prosperity and peace.

Amidst all this chaos and the saturation reached through constant news coverage, I take this opportunity to present to you the latest edition of “Enlightenment” and hope that you’ll enjoy all the sections. This edition brings great pieces of art, photography and writer’s pearls on paper.

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