Just another night

By Sidhant Budhe (RBG)


The light of morning decomposes everything ~ Haruki Murakami


There are a few nights when you want to stay awake and live through time as the whole world  hibernates. For the night has to offer solitude, calmness and time for being with oneself or being with the friends , creating memories.

Nevertheless , just staying awake through the night with the darkness and silence is a moment of tranquility.

Ever wondered why you get nostalgic, more romantic, honest or creative during these hours of the day? Well , one may have to look up some psychological and neurological books on brain functions , hormones and chemicals to exactly ascertain the cause  ! Nonetheless , feel the moment, express love for your loved ones, be honest to yourself and most importantly note down the ideas or the thoughts you think will be required once the world is back into its existence.

For the ideas and thoughts may not stay when you get up next morning. The light of morning decomposes everything.


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Deepak Kumar Dubey

Realistic lines observed.
keep it up Sidhant.


So true. Very well expressed. And we hardly ever note the ideas down and they tend to be lost forever.

Vikas Birari

The best thing about this article is the most complex Un-cliched Feeling has been expressed so effortlessly.

Sidhant Budhe

thanks dude!!