Patriotic Slogans by L&T-ites

Freedom epitomizes free mind and body – not bound by fear, servitude or prohibition, seeking truth and enlightenment. The enlarged ramification points to – equitable distribution of national wealth and promise of genuine efforts in return from its citizens to build the nation.   The Independence Day celebrates this spirit which is promissory of upholding this fundamental need of its citizens.

India of my dreams is envisioned as a true follower of such ethos, where the citizens exercise rationality to reject dogma and indoctrination, and play out their respective roles in shaping the nation with courage, conviction and dignity.


The spirit of India is an undying spirit of freedom weaved in together by the courage, valour & unlimited dreams of fellow countrymen.

We see our motherland as one flourished nation with people reaching the zenith of their prosperity & happiness. Everyone collectively works towards the success, growth & development of the nation and builds a country of love, care, warmth & mutual brotherhood. We all as a responsible citizens would leave a much better place, a dreamland, for our generations to come!

Let us today pledge of nurturing our nation,

With hands full of love, care & compassion!


Know that we weep for we couldn’t offer our lives for your freedom, O Great Mother! But my tears are not a sign of weakness, for I will gladly drown a thousand times over in my own tears, to protect you from another.


Where women are able to walk on the streets without any fear,

Where religion doesn’t divide us, for all human we care,

Where progress means working together for everyone’s welfare,

Where no scam should leave the common man in despair…

This is the India of my dreams… an India all would love dear!


Our countrymen laid down their lives

External tyrants they had to fight

They gave us freedom as a right

Now it’s time to show our might

Trample the internal demons in sight

And lead our country to light.

                                                – PRATIBHA JADEJA

Sprit of freedom & My vision of India

Even American democracy gave equal rights to women & oppressed class many years after their freedom which India achieved in few years.

Many of Historians till wonder how a country which is double than North American continent in population & equal to African continent in cultural / ethical diversity still exist ? Answer is the spirit of Indian people. Because before & after independence people imagine India as “MAA SETU HIMACHALAM – MOTHER LAND FROM CAPE COMORIN TO THE HIMALAYAS “

So many reasons like Administration, Language, Ethnic groups can divide the land but not the sprit, the same gave the support to our very first government to pass the laws against unequal social practises and made abandon the unacceptable inhuman traditions. How luckiest we are, who witness the golden era in the name of freedom for all. It is our duty to take forward.

                        – SATTANATHAN MARIAPPAN

It’s time to rejoice & to celebrate,

Our independence was not handed on a silver plate,

Fruit of incredible sacrifice, we must acknowledge,

To make this nation great must be our pledge,

Hope India shines bright in sun’s ray,

As we celebrate this Independence Day.

                                                                        -AYUSH JAIN

“Apne Liye Toh Zindegi Sab Jette Hai

Par Khaas Voh Hote Hai

Joh Desh Kai Liye Jeete Hai”


Rakt aur  pran  ki  bali  chadhayi

Khud  kurbaan  hoke  hume  aazadi  dilayi,

Ab  humari  taqat  jatane  ka  waqt  hai  aaya,

Chalo  door  bhagaye  apraadho  ka  saaya,

Desh  ki  pragati  ka  ab  samay  hai  aaya.


“Desh k liye Jiyenge,

  aur Desh k liye hi marenge hum.

Chalo sab milke ek Swachh Bharat

Banane ka lete hein kasam.”

Lahu se mili Azadi ka

karo sab sahi samman,

Aao banaye ek aisa desh,

Jahan khush rahe har ek insaan.”

                        – PRASENJIT SEN

Swatantrata ke liye kurbaani di,

Virasat mei hume aazadi di,

Dil mei shaheedo ka diya jalaye rakhna,

Apne desh ko aage badhaye rakhna

                                                                        – SHUBHAM SINGH

दुनिया के आसमान में सबसे तेज़ चमकता सितारा हो देश मेरा

हर भारतवासी को अपनी जान से भी ज्यादा प्यारा हो देश मेरा

शहीदों के ज़ज़्बे को दिलों में भर कर आगे बढ़ते रहे हम सदा ही

विश्व गुरु बन दुनिया को प्रकाशवान करे वो उजियारा हो देश मेरा

                                                –SANDEEP DAHIYA

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