The Most Beautiful Creation

By Venkata Rajesh Sahini (RBG)



He has taken many avatars on planet earth. All these incarnations are character specific. In all his lives he has played a very particular & a specific role .

But for once , his imagination was put to challenge & trust me then evolved the most wonderful species he had ever designed. This creation can literally play any role any time throughout its lifetime.

Be it a sister or a mother!

Being a mother, she can still be your doctor!!

She will be playful, if you have been the right guy!

Or will make your life horrible, if she felt it was a lie!!

Everyday of life she is challenged in many ways. And believe me brother, she has made it  a habit of winning these battles each time.

So , extend your love to the most beautiful creation of God!!

Respect Women!!

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Deepak Kumar Dubey

Well said.

Venkata Rajesh Sahini


Amit Kumar Garg

very nice

Venkata Rajesh Sahini

thank you

Amit Chauhan

Really NYC Man…..

Venkata Rajesh Sahini

thank you 🙂