The Gizmo Purge

By Barath S. (RBG)


Glistening golden globes glued to the sky,

I quiver, feeling the breeze of July,

Listening to the chirp of the birds that fly,

Pensieve I become; into myself I pry.

Why haven’t I cherished these beauties before,

Even though they occur in abundance and galore.

My meagre mind wanders to explore,

Why it had chosen to slight and ignore?

Tear apart, pull down the screen,

that ceases you to see in between.

There is no such thing as so little,

that personal experience cannot fulfill.

For the nature is so bright and green,

and the persons near are King and Queen.

So throw your gadgets to the earth,

and adore the beings for all their worth.

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Nice one. An important message put in a very subtle manner.