The Raw Deal

By Priyarupa Sinha  (LMB)

‘You are pregnant’, the doctor exclaimed in delight.

Fear blanched her cheeks;

blistering pace of her heartbeat refused to subside.

She sat down and wept the entire night.


He could not  hear the news with usual patience,

instead asked her to go immediately for an abortion.

She realized it was no longer the regular round of verbal one-upmanship,

for once the chapter is closed she could not flip.


Flashback of her evasive past caused a sudden commotion,

his cloying sweetness led off the suffocation.

She was uncertain about her new start ,

but gave him the licence to depart.


With all happiness deprived ,

she even thought of surrendering her life .

Weeping the sins and errors of her youth for a while,

she finally dismissed the thought so puerile.

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Well written Priya!

Priyarupa Sinha

I am glad that you liked it ma’am.


Nice and Intriguing! Wish it had more stanzas to satiate curiosity

Priyarupa Sinha

Thank you for your appreciation Sir. I will definitely try to add more stanzas for my next poem .


Wow!! really impressed with the maturity of thoughts and the simplicity by which it has been written. Well Done!! Keep writing and enhance your craft.

Priyarupa Sinha

Thank you for your encouragement , it means a lot !