By Sidhant Sushil Budhe (RBG) 

Dear Brown,

I saw you entering the cafe. Me and my friends were goofing off in this cafe since morning. I paused my turn of carrom when you just entered. Vishesh tapped me on my head directing me to play my turn. The game resumed. I was losing. My focus was not on the game anymore. In order to blame the lost focus, I turned to find where you were sitting. You took the table behind the glass separating the two sides of the cafe.

The burning grass had taken me on a different stride by now. I cursed you under my breath for making me stare at you like a puppy. I could not shift my eyes elsewhere. It was as if it they were stuck on you with glue. I was lost in the moment.

Your eyes caught me looking at you, demanding an explanation. My eyes could have said the obvious, ‘You’re beautiful’, ‘You moved me’, or ‘It was not just your face or your hair or your eyes’ but I was moved in a different way, a way that could not be expressed in words.

I came out in the open terrace to join my friends. Sitting at the table opposite to you, I was thinking of ways to initiate a conversation. I was working on a pick up line. But, if I had spoken then it would have been the burning grass doing all the talking.

We were discussing to go on a trek walking besides river Ganga up to the waterfalls. I just added that ” yeah, let’s go there”. Words weighed so much that I had to talk a bit slow and a little louder. It was loud enough to make people turn their heads to look at the speaker. You went on to imitate the way I spoke. I could not resist to giggle.

I loved the sight I had. Past the smoke of grass, it was you in the ‘Brown dress’ and Bob Dylan meticulously painted black and white in the background. It was a moment of tranquillity, peace and silence. I considered it a reward after a long drive to Rishikesh.

#SomethingAboutBrown #Rishikesh

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Sidhant Budhe


Gaurav Sharma

Good one Bro !!!