That Smile!

By Anubhav Mishra, LTG

It started pouring down hard

I got off the taxi and ran down the alley

Trying to cover my head with an invitation card

Looking for a roof down my way


It was a strange dark night

I had been there before, infact everyday

But the street looked eerily quiet

And the crazy wind seemed it had something to say


The shops were all closed

They had to be, it was well past midnight

The street light flickered,

It seemed alright, I thought, just the last night.


I kept on walking,

My house was just round the corner,

I was tired,

And now wet, as the alley somehow seemed longer than before


As I foolishly tried to wipe dry my glasses,

I saw her.

She stood there,

Like she stood everyday.


What does she do there? I thought. Alone? Everyday?

But that was not a complaint, I smiled, and the question just drifted away

The silhouette of her curves, against the flickering light

Looked like a painting, a beautiful one you could surely say!


Our eyes met,

As they did everyday

And I almost stumbled,

Like I almost did everyday.


She smiled at me,

And that smile she gave me, everyday,

I did not know what that meant,

But it surely did something, that my heart did surely say.


What could it mean?

Was I looking good that day?

I almost laughed,

For that I did not certainly look – everyday!

Did she like me?

Did she have feelings for me?

But we never talked

That we never did.


As my imagination played along

I kept walking

But the sound of the screeching car from the street behind

Pinched me, I realised I was almost dreaming!


I stopped, and I looked back

I saw her walking towards the car

I wanted to see what would happen next

For I had fallen for her, pretty hard.


The window of the car rolled down,

The rain on the tin roofs made me hear them nomore

But a few seconds later,

I almost dropped to my knees beside the shop’s door.


For I saw that smile again,

Oh! So that was not just for me

I wished she had not done that

But that wasn’t mine, nor was it to be.


She leaned, and they whispered

And the currency notes handed over to her

The door of the car opened,

She sat inside, and I kept looking at her.


And she did look back at me.

I asked her, a thousand questions

Shouting out loud-

through my eyes!

But there it was, yet again,

For what we had shared all this while

The only answer she had – The Smile!

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Vikas Birari


Venkata Rajesh Sahini

Very well written …