As we enter into the penultimate month of the year, winter is slowly setting in and we are already in midst of the deadly smog in Delhi.

All festivals are over and with no holidays this month, its time to focus on work again. But as a recapitulation of the festive season, our @ home gallery comprises photos of our friends celebrating Diwali with their families. Diwali Rangolis and other decorations are a part of the Creations in this edition.

After exactly one year of demonetization, the war on black money is far from over. But we are still hopeful of an improved economic situation in India.

Coming to this edition of Enlightenment, in the Writer’s Corner section, other than poems, we have two popular articles continued from the last edition. Well-thy brings you some information about Naturopathy. Delhi has got many Events lined up this month. Do plan your weekends accordingly!

So, Happy Reading friends! Hope you enjoy going through each section of Enlightenment, this month.

Team Enlightenment hopes to get more readers. We would love to receive your comments/suggestions in the comments section so as to improve the forthcoming editions.

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