Lassanwala – A Review

By Ayush Jain (L&T-MHPS)

Before I start with the review, I would just like to emphasize the skill and direction required in a play as compared to other forms of theater. The acting & the direction skill is subject to the judgement of the audience as and when the performance is being given. There are no re-takes, there is no post-recording editing and there is no screen to shield you. In my opinion, direction & acting in a play requires far greater skill and confidence in one’s abilities.

Though the majority of the society may prefer the cinema, I prefer watching plays as we are witness to the raw talent of the artists involved. Having said that, let’s begin the review of the play in question.

Directed by Mr. Hemant Pandey & written by Mr. Vidit Tripathi, the play “Lassanwala” is a brilliant portrayal of the mindset of the caste influenced society. The plays follows the old-age life of ‘Kallu’, a Brahmin who is a devout believer of the caste system.

In face of adverse poverty, his good-for-nothing son and a scheming daughter-in-law implore him to grow crops  yielding more returns. But, Kallu is stubborn in his beliefs.  Farming garlic has been a part of his family tradition for 3 generations and he is not going to change now.

The element of comedy is well depicted throughout the play stemming from the eclectic mix of characters involved. The drama unfolds as ‘Kallu‘ is betrayed time and again and his whole belief in the caste system is shaken to the core. The play vividly portrays the sheer contrast between belief and reality.

This play alternates between tragedy and comedy. The self realization in the concluding moments just fills your heart with emotion and all you can do is appreciate the artists involved.

All in all, I would highly recommend you to watch this play if the opportunity ever presents itself.


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