Something about Brown 2.0

By Sidhant Budhe (RBG)

A man goes to peace out with his friends on a bike trip to Rishikesh , away from the city hustle bustle.  There he sees a beautiful woman entering the cafe and immediately has a connect , and hence is lost in a different world , struggling to focus on his ongoing activity .  So , he decides to pen down his entire experience and decides to name this anonymous ” Brown ” . The introduction to this write-up can be viewed through the link below and what follows is the continuation .


Dear Brown

I was sitting in the cafe waiting for you to turn up. My friends by now knew about your existence as I blurted to them about it. I was excited to see you once more and talk to you, more than my ride back to Delhi. I had a long ride ahead and before that I wanted to see you, maybe for one last time.

You did turn up. You carried the same aura you had yesterday. It was a pleasant demeanor. Seeing you brought me a sense of calmness. Nothing had changed since yesterday, just that I was sober and curious to know about you. I was finally going to talk to you.

It was tad sunny out on the terrace of this backpacker’s hostel. I was trying to soak as much of you as I was soaking vitamin D by sitting and seeking you from an edge of this terrace. I was in love with the feeling of being attracted to you. It made me do something I will not usually do about stranger. I wrote about you. I wanted to come to you and tell you about it. There was a whole world of thoughts playing in my head concealing my words to be spoken.

If I did not come and talk to you now then it wasn’t going be ever. I wanted to talk to you. You were searching light for the roll between your lips. I gathered myself to walk to your table. I saw your discomfort in lighting the grass. You got up, grabbed a marker lying on your table to scribble something on the wall. You were in the shadowed corner on terrace. The wall was not visible to me from the end I was walking towards you.

I stopped in my tracks to see you writing on the wall. You looked intense, beautiful. It just occurred to me that I could have known you but not as the way I’d imagined and thought of you since last morning. I shrugged and sheepishly smiled at you for not getting to know you this time and went back to my seat at the end of terrace. I wanted to keep the things the way i always wanted to keep: all to myself. I had written about you yesterday and you were resting your head on my shoulder when I was doing that. I loved the feeling and decided to stick to it and explore you like a fiction, for the fiction had to make sense.


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