By Shruti Vairagkar (L&T Howden)

When I look back,

you are there.

Keeping an eye

on me.

Dropping me home

after an evening

of conversation

and giggles.


We meet after ages

marriages, jobs, and geography

keeping us apart.

Intervening time

always swept away,

like ocean waves

on a sandy beach.

We never allow

the cobwebs to grow.

Picking up each topic

where we last paused.

Talking about the past

and laughing at memories;

rolling eyes at the present

and wishing for some

things to be different.

Sharing our future hopes,

dreams and desires;

we speak it all

till there is

no more.


We judge freely

and call out

each other’s craziness.

Never failing to

point out gaps

in another’s logic

It may sound strange

but we raise each other.

We are the

Magic Mirror,

never shying away

from the truth

Such is the strength

between us.

Some may call us

young biddies,

but you are

My Sisterhood


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I wish I had a sis 😢.
Well written Shruti 👍🏼


Awwwwwww. Love you sista 😘

Pragya Tripathi

Nice 🙂


Thank you, Pragya! 🙂