Celebration of Life

By Tanvi Kapoor (LT-B&F)

The more you celebrate life,  the more reasons it gives you to celebrate.

Greetings to all the readers.

As the curtains came down on the celebrations of  the L&T- Faridabad event, Family Fun Day’17 (an annual event to bring together the families of the employees) ,  I wanted to pen down my thoughts through this article  which may not be much related to this event but revolves around our day to day lives, deeds & decisions.

It may seem incorrect if I ask you to laugh at all in which you have failed.

I may sound weird if I encourage you to cheer loudly at your biggest defeats.

I may also become centre of mockery if I ask you to smile when you wake up every morning.

But to summarise the reason behind writing this article is to convey that happiness matters the most in life and you and I have lots of whys-and-wherefores to be happy every day. I beg your pardon but I am no crusader who has any revolutionary desire to change anyone or anything in this world.

Happiness & love are correlated & have to be first evoked for your inner self. Not giving time to your self leads to all sorts of mess which is unwelcome. Prioritizing you happiness & unconditionally staying happy is what makes one incomparable in this fast-paced materialistic world. This in practicality adds skill to your persona & broadens your aura.

I feel desire is one spark that distinguishes an ordinary person from an extra ordinary one because no one is born phenomenal. In order to let your desire grow, it is important to be content with your inner self. Inspite of struggling to improve our relationships with others, we first ought to enhance our relationship with ourselves. Hurdles will seem to you as  problems if you treat them as such. Instead,  one should concentrate on either the solution or start taking the problem lightly. A problem with no visible solution mostly dissolves on its own eventually.

Most of us are aware of the law of attraction. Happiness attracts more happiness, celebrations give us more reasons to celebrate, humour generates more humour and being positive showers more bliss upon you. A simple change in your routine can harmonize your effort to make life happy in its real meaning. Getting inspired from what Dr. Abdul Kalam has once said  “You cannot change your future, but, you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future”, I am quoting & jotting down a few tips to make my write-up explicit.


  • What you think, you eventually & definitely will become. So, think only the best of you.
  • What people think about you, won’t affect your world at all. So, don’t prove anything to anyone.
  • Overthinking is a precursor to sadness only. So, instead ease your thinking.
  • Every unexpected change in your life has a fruitful motive. So, learn to embrace the change.
  • Judging others is a total waste of time. Instead focus on yourself, take risks daily & then judge your improvement.
  • Life is never serious. Don’t make it so & try to be as humorous as possible.
  • Happiness through external means is momentary. So, stop chasing it.
  • Nature is always inspiring. So, look at it around you with curiosity.
  • Life is limitless, ageless & timeless. So, it’s never too late to realise & act.
  • Regrets kill slowly & steadily. So, don’t compromise on your passion.
  • Making comparisons bring a downfall. Instead, take great pride in your uniqueness.
  • A single smile strengthens 36 muscles of your face & generates positive emotions within yourself. So, take out time to smile after every 15 minutes.

CAUTION: Pass it on to others. If you ignore it, … now don’t be so superstitious!!

Listening & reading are the two therapies that can only make you rethink & inspire to put your best foot forward. After all, you are the best adviser for yourself & can make this life of yours worthy.

Signing off till we connect again.

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Sanjeev Kumar

I have to say that we are compelled to agree to each and every line you have written…hope some more brilliant articles will be penned by you in future which will certainly change the way in which we look at life….stay blessed

Tanvi Kapoor

Thanks a tonn sir. Such appreciation coming from you meant alot.

Rohit Bhatt

Wow! Worth reading!

There is one life, so we must live it to the fullest, ups and downs are the part of life.

Whether the time is good or bad, it always changes, if it’s good enjoy it if its not then be strong & face it.

Loved it! God bless u.

Tanvi kapoor

Awww. Thanks a tonn for kind words.
Either happily go with the flow or jubilantly break the flow and come up high.

Sanjiv vohra

Great Tanvi Really the law of attraction works as u written
Really great ideas to be positive in every field of life and taking really right foot for word in the life
And always be happy in all the situations of life so simply great thanks


Yeah!!! Thank you so much for praising 🙂

Kuldeep singh khandelwal

Hi Tanvi its a great idea and attitude towards life to live the fullest.well i don’t know that u write also.

Keep smiling 😊😊😊


Now you know 🙂
Thanks alot dear for appreciating.

Nitin Tiwari

Well written. This is easiest lubricant to make life in smoth run…… Keep writing such though full ideas.


Thanks a tonn for encouraging..

Krishan Kant

Celebration of life…….very well written. You article is filled with all the positive thoughts. Actually this should be the way of living with positive & self motivating thoughts no matter how troublesome the situation prevails ,always stay positive & find the reason to be happy.


Thanks. Truly said. Troubles and hindrances are all temporary. But what stay with us alwys is our attitude. So we should stop worrying and get on with wonderfulll life.


Very well written completely agree with you . I hope you implying this to yourself in your own life and let others people around you getting motivated .


Thanks a lot for taking out time & read. Yes, I do encourage myself and all near dear ones to apply all cited points.


This article helps to those people whose life very busy in work… Smile after every 15 min. This logic is best…. Good article tanvi…. Keep it up


Thanku so much dear for patient reading…


Nicely depicted 👍
The best part of this article is that few tips , those will definitely help one to understand or live his/ her life in a easy way .. if will follow.👌


Thanks dear..
Your feedback is valuable to me.


Agreed with your content that “the more we celebrate life , the more reason it will give us to celebrate”. Will try to follow the title and hope will generate many more reason to celebrate.

Sujit Kumar Mishra


I wish you get countless & precious moments to celebrate life more.
Thanks for reading!!


Hi, Tanvi, Great Article and wonderful read. Congrats for bringing out the truth in a meaningful way, in this mundane , routine and of course hectic life style of ours.
Keep it up and cheers. regards



Thanks alot sir.
Pleased to hear such motivational words.
Cheers to all readers!!!


Great article and it’s true….. So now we want a celebration for this wonderful article…..


Thanks for appreciating..


A blistering truth of life…
Celebrate life each and every moment


We ought to think like this way..


We ought to think like this way..
Thank you so much..


Mentioned 12 points at last, 101% true,
And these are the mantras for stay happy and be unique personality.
And for this :- •A single smile strengthens 36 muscles of your face & generates positive emotions within yourself. So, take out time to smile after every 15 minutes. …….I want to say, chehre ki ek smile, ek personality ki khubsoorti bada deti hai.


Should strive to stay happy, unique & beautiful always…