Young Men in Spats

By Ayush Jain (L&T MHPS)

‘Young Men in Spats’ is a collection of short-stories written by the English author, P.G. Wodehouse. Before I review the book, let me just tell you a bit about Wodehouse.

He was a humorist and is well known for his comic fiction. Wodehouse began by writing Broadway musical comedies and then went to write humorous short stories and novels. Before writing the actual story, Wodehouse would first work on the plot, detail it to the maximum extent possible and then look for loopholes. He would then test the scenario so that he knew exactly where the comedy came in, which is probably why he is well known for his humor.

‘Young Men in Spats’ is no different. It is a masterpiece in which Wodehouse comes up with humorous situations in such unexpected ways that the reader is bound to crack up with laughter. The book’s characters, who are members of the Drones Club are hopeless romantics, swooning over and ready to go to any length to help damsels in distress. They are colorful, each with their own set of beliefs, peculiar characteristics and nuances. They won’t deter in the pursuit of their target even if they have to risk it all. As a result, they land in such hilarious situations that one cannot help but admire the genius of Wodehouse in making the reader laugh.

Wodehouse does not use slapstick comedy or a single type of humor. Every situation, every story is unique. Once you finish one Wodehouse, you will be raring to pick up another. The only shortcoming is that Wodehouse uses archaic English at times,  which will take some time getting used to.

All in all,  ‘Young Men in Spats’ is a must read.  Go and get yourself a copy today!


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