A New Year, A New Beginning

From the desk of Mr Prem Prakash Akhauri, Editor-in-Chief of Enlightenment

The creative pursuits of mankind is perennial and dexterous thereby rendering outcomes in the form of inventions, poetries, stories and various art forms.

Today we exist in the era of increasing uncertainty and change, to the extent that change is the only phenomenon which is constantly impinging upon us. As we dust off the webs of the previous year, we welcome the New Year with a renewed vigor, enthusiasm, and hope.

Team Enlightenment, in a similar vein is constantly ideating and developing new concepts, keeping the magazine fresh and alive. The journey from a few members collating an issue every month to a structured team with representation across units in Faridabad campus has been rewarding, enriching, and joyful.

It is our constant endeavor to delight our readers with fresh content and sections. We would love to hear your feedback, suggestions and ideas for improving the magazine and seek more contributions in the New Year.

Write to us at enlightenment@larsentoubro.com

From the desk of Mr Sandeep Dahiya, Editor for the Month, Enlightenment

It gives me immense pleasure to present to you, the New Year Edition of your favorite magazine. It is time to look back and reflect on the year gone by. Take the best of it, forget the worst of it and look forward to a brand new year with hope and positivity. It is the time to resolve; resolve to improve oneself, keep smiling and face the challenges with conviction and make a positive impact in our sphere of life.

Indian cricket team is touring South Africa at the very start of the new year in a hope to beat them at their home in 25 years and 1st test match is on in Cape town as you read this. But I don’t want to talk about cricket rather the water crisis which Cape town is going through right now. In our country also many cities are facing this problem. It is high time that we do something about it. Let’s resolve to save water and motivate people connected to you for same. Let’s us do our bit.

You all would have noticed a very strong trend these days. I am certainly noticing it. On this new year, I received more than 100 new year wishes on whatsapp but very few phone calls (only from family members). I remember, some years back my friends and even I called them over phone to greet or wish on such occasions. But since the social media has caught up, we have become busy (actually we are not) and the sensitivity & intimacy in our relations is dying. Social media is very powerful tool and it has given us a great power to reach billions. But at the same time it is important to reach a few closed ones with intimacy and sensitivity. It is my resolve to call my near and dear once this year on all such occasion rather sending them some forwarded message. If you feel alike; you can also try doing that.

We have brought you yet another fascinating edition of Enlightenment with all your favorite sections. In addition in this edition we present to you; the best of 2017 of our popular sections based on the readers choice. There is much more for each one of you. Pieces of great writing of different genre from our in house talent. Hope you will enjoy reading.

In the end I wish all our readers a very happy and enlightening new year 2018.

रास्तों में सबको दुआ सलाम करता चल

फिर देख यादगार सब सफ़र हो जायेंगे

Keep reading, keep smiling!!!


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