Micro Tales Presented By LnT Dhanush

L&T Dhanush – Literary Club recently organized Micro Tales Competition where original stories were invited. They were required to be within 50 words and could belong to any genre. These were the stories spun by the rich imaginations of L&T-ites.

1. The Punjabi Family loved Dosa, but refused a Tamil Girl to marry their son.

Food has more acceptance than People

By Mahakshay Raina (L&T MHPS Boilers)

2. Little Fatima went to the fence daily to listen to mesmerizing stories of a distant land.

BSF Jawaan Veer Singh would give her a small token at the end of every tale from the land he belonged.

The barbed wire separated the land but could not keep apart the hearts.

By Ananya Majumdar (L&T MHPS Boilers)

3. She was born with deformed legs, was bullied for not being able to walk and run like others. Here she stood at the edge of a cliff. She freed her from crutches, thought about people terming her as a failure and then jumped off the cliff. She flew.

By Sandeep Dahiya (L&T MHPS Boilers)

4. A man, with an apple to quench his hunger,

Stumbled upon a mother begging for alms to feed her son,

The child, laid there with tears in his eyes,

Hunger had conquered his spirit,

Moments later, the man walked away with a content soul,

For there were no more tears.

By Rahul Jayaraman (L&T MHPS Boilers)

5. Haphazard strokes on the canvas and a myriad of hues in mind.

For her, losing sight never meant losing vision.

By Pratibha Jadeja (L&T MHPS Boilers)

6. That Spirit of Christmas

A fearsome battle, troops hiding in trenches saving themselves from enemy fire. One crisp morning, the commander finds the battlefront deserted. Desperate for an explanation, he looks over the barricade and is astonished to see both sides playing football.

It was the 25th of December.

By Rohan Mishra (L&T MHPS Boilers)

7. “2×2=




Mother: “Its 9 Shubh.”

Staring at lady before him, Shubh giggled.

Lady: “After Saturday comes?”

Shubh: [murmuring].

Lady: “Sunday.”

Shubh: “Mumma told Sunday comes before Monday”.

Mother laughingly, “Doctor, he remembers my teachings only till 14 years today.

Lady: “Mothers are special, so are autistic kids.”

By Tanvi Kapoor (L&T B&F IC)

8. He embraced me in his arms; I felt the caress of his breath on my forehead. I don’t see him anymore.

Doctor says he was just another character of my schizophrenic imagination. He was never real.

I don’t see the doctor now.

By Priyarupa Sinha (L&T MHPS Boilers)

9. The carpet was being replaced. Red stains had finally broken its monotonous existence. It smiled at the blood stained shoes. The carpet was no stranger to sand, but ironically, its end was brought about by the sands of Sahara, the setting of one of the greatest marathons ever run.

By Ayush Jain (L&T MHPS Boilers)

10. She sat on the cold, hard floor to knit sweaters for the orphans.
Little did she know that her love and care was enough to keep them warm.

By Shriram Sharma (L&T MHPS Boilers)

11. Drunk driving sent him into coma. That’s one way of putting a full stop on addiction.

By Ravinder Kumar (L&T MHPS Boilers)

12. She never said the wrong word. It was her greatest gift. And people pitied her disability of being dump.

By Shubham Singh (L&T MHPS Boilers)

13. Looking at the watch ticking away the Soldier thought what a lovely day he had so far.

Not so far away, God sighed, few seconds left for the bomb to tick!

By Sudarshana Biswas (L&T MHPS Boilers)

14. Conventional dialogue in revolutionized era has altered its meaning.

He went to attend his convocation along with his mother.

Hey Mum, I finally got conferred degree”.

Mother turned up after uploading check-in status on Facebook #MySonCovocation & squeaked, “Son, I really never knew when you grew up this big.

By Sridharan K (L&T B&F IC)

15. I was broken totally, but good thing with me was “I got experiences from life”

By Jigar Abbas (L&T MHPS Boilers)

16. When he saw her for first time he thought, do stars really shine? It started from the Facebook to WhatsApp, do their friendship still abide or starting of new love. Now a stage when life ends and he asks again from last breathe to new life, will u be mine.

By Anshul Solanki (L&T B&F IC)

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Congratulations Pratibha and Priyarupa !


Winners truly deserve it. Kudos n congratulations to all participants to pen down such innovative thoughts.