Something about Brown 3.0

By Sidhant Budhe (RBG)

A man goes to peace out with his friends on a bike trip to Rishikesh , away from the city hustle bustle.  There he sees a beautiful woman entering the cafe and immediately has a connect , and hence is lost in a different world , struggling to focus on his ongoing activity .  So , he decides to pen down his entire experience and decides to name this anonymous ” Brown ” . The prequel to this write-up can be viewed through the link below and what follows is the continuation –

Something about Brown 2.0

Dear Brown

I was back to Delhi but my mind was still wandering on the terrace of that backpacker’s hostel in Rishikesh. Out of many things, it was especially you who was making me think about the time I had spent there. Every time I told my friends about you, I felt, you being somewhere close listening to my stupid stories and reliving through it. You were so close, yet so far. You would have also got back to your place by now. I was wondering if you would have told your friends about the silly encounter we’ve had. I still cannot resist to giggle thinking about one of the moments where you imitated the way I spoke.

Just like that, there were few more moments when I got that tingly feeling of common sense leaving my body. One of those were when you were drawing a sketch on wall of the terrace. Completely being in the act, the intense expression naturally surfaced on your face, making it even harder for me to shift my gaze. I had a wonderful view sitting at the edge of the terrace, at one side it was you and on the other, a river hurriedly flowing.

If I’d have had it my way, I would be still sitting idly on the hostel’s terrace and ceaselessly watch river currents of Ganga & silently admire your beauty. But it wasn’t supposed to be that way and I had to leave to get back to the chaotic part of the world I was in right now. .
It was really hard to get on with silently admiring you and leave. The emotions had got the best of me and I copied the tag #SomethingAboutBrown on a wall, from the instapost I wrote about you. Soon, I packed my bags and checked out of the hostel.

And I left. Once you were out of my sight it was all gone as if it was just a dream. I wanted to turn around and run back to you and say hi. I had always wanted to.

But the portrayal of you, Brown, etched in my mind and the thought of exploring you in fiction was something I wanted to keep it that way. So, here I am writing about you again and you are peeking into it from back keeping your cheek on my shoulder and your arms crossed across my chest. I loved you for always being there with me.

#somethingaboutbrown #rishikesh #delhi

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Thank you, sir 🙂

Sandeep Dahiya

Beautiful writing…