Wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s day! A heartfelt thank you for the love and support throughout the journey of the magazine. Hope to get that continuously in future too.

– Team Enlightenment!

February, the shortest month of the year! The second one… By now, most of us are used to writing the new year in the date. Winter is no more chilly but it still persists. At least in Delhi the climate is very pleasant.

February is the month of love – the valentine month. Though V-Day is more popular among college goers or high school pupils,  few of our generation or older ones also enjoy celebrating love on this day. So this edition is for the lovers, which we all are! Either by desire or by force.

I have heard many people say what’s the need for a specific day to celebrate love? I guess, they don’t celebrate any festival or worship God on a specific day. If they do, they should not ask this. Its about expressing love, giving importance to your love, being with your love for a day. One day in a year is definitely necessary to love more and be loved more.

However, many may not know the story of Saint Valentine. It was 3rd century in Rome, when the soldiers of Emperor Claudius were strictly asked not to get married, so that they could completely devote themselves to the army. Saint Valentine, a soldier then, fell in love and secretly got married. He was caught and was sentenced to death by the emperor. Saint Valentine was executed on 14th of February. Before death, he wrote his last message of love “from your valentine”. Since then, the day is celebrated as a day of love and lovers write notes, exchange gifts and flowers to honour their love.

With this history, I would leave you with our different sections of the edition to find out more on love.

Last but not the least, few lines from the Love Guru’!

Love is important for life, be it emotional or physical. We, human beings are very greedy about love. One thing, we should always remember – never neglect love or cheat on your love. You’ll have to payback.

Learn to love yourself.

In today’s fast world, we all are busy forgetting about our roots, our cultures and ourselves. We all will retire one day! What after that? Have you thought about it? Any one thing that you would love to do after retirement? Hence, have a hobby to pursue after that. Know yourself. Pamper yourself. Have a pet. Take responsibility of something/ someone without any gains! Be happy. Money is not everything. People are! Relations are! So be social. Spread love and love yourself. With this, i will leave you with a ‘lovely’ edition.

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