Dear Friend – With Love

By Ananya Majumdar (L&T MHPS)

Dear Friend,


Do you remember the time

We sat together on the last bench

Sharing stories long lost in time?

When nothing else mattered

Apart from our endless chats.


Remember the time

Of a Princess and a brave Knight?

The Princess found solace

In the words of the Knight.

She believed, no harm will befall

While her knight stands tall.


Remember how you constructed

The structures I designed?

Like nurturing a baby,

I gave birth, you helped it grow right.


Our relation stands strong

Tested by time.

We might not talk often

But the feelings are infinite.


Now I know I have a friend

Who will be by my side.

Help me through troubles

And always show the light.

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Nice thoughts….

Ayush Jain

Well written Ananya!

Tanvi kapoor

Loved it..gud one.



Ashish Kumar

Beautiful 🙂


wow! enchanting! wonderfully described!
Great work.