Valentine’s day Humour

As you can predict, it’s the valentine week and the internet is obsessed about it’s favourite talking point, love.

Whether you have found your valentine this year or you are still hopelessly single, chances are that you will like some giggly memes and V-day cards making rounds on social media.

Dudes never propose, they get proposed. Wait eternally and hope for the best.


I always make smart buying decisions


Who in the world would ask that?


Its complicated. Food is my bae.


Its a no-brainer for your jacked-up gym freak neighbour


But then Valentine’s is the time to consider every cute creature who accidently stares at you.


Engineers can relate to the weird stuff


Not a bad option to explore next year, considering my love for efficiency


Why me,  though!


Still trying to locate this bar


Source: Pinterest, Instagram

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