Cycling Diaries – Death Valley Ride

Adventure started early morning when 10 riders from a Delhi Based V4A cycling club started their journey from Sarita Vihar towards a least known Blue Lake called “Death Valley” situated in Haryana, there was joy all round as they were unknown from adventure waiting for them, it was expected to be a usual Sunday joy ride.

We lost our way after taking a turn from highway, later riding an hour finally reached at planned destination after crossing metro, villages, Roadside dhabas, and a forest full of anticycling Bushes.
We started clicking pictures at lake with blue water in beautiful lap of nature. One of us started shouting “Bhai Lake aagey hai jaldi chalo vhi jakar rest karenge”, Being unknown from coming hurdles we were dancing with joy after seeing that fascinating beauty of Blue water lake, we never expected such a beautiful face of nature near to Delhi, i wanted to stay for few more shots but thought i’ll catch some photos while coming back.

Sun was already shining high, temperature was hitting 42 degrees. We started moving with a narrow thorny way, which was the real part of adventure actually, one by one all our cycles got flat tires due to thorns. We were hardly worried as we had puncture kit and we knew how to fix tires after all, we started fixing tires one by one but due to bad adhesive we all got failed, joy turned into sweat and anger. Each one of us tried hard showing best skills with Flat tires but didn’t work at all, a bottle filled with adhesive got emptied but puncture didn’t got fixed.


After hours of struggle with no sign of hope, One of our mate shared an idea to call backup vehicle, the driver called up, this call was more than a pain healer for us. An hour later driver called us back asking route towards lake.

I was losing my patience like everyone else, while we were struggling with puncture kit, few of us decided enjoy swim in Blue water. later we decided to return back as sun was getting angry on us, i started and fell down in thorny bushes, few thorns passed through my glove in my skin, Shoe was injured to with lots of thorns in it, while walking back i was able to feel them with every step, there was not a single tree to take rest, we all were out of water, throat was dry, skin was wet from head to toe.

After a long walk of 3-4 KM’s with punctured bikes we reached to a house, we rung the bell, one kind hearted fellow came outside, we asked for water, after a few minutes his son came back with bucket of cold water, we drank liters of water.

Smiles with Glittering teeth later turned into flat faces with sad tyres.

At last we came on the Road, we decided to take a pause on puncture repair shop, but the gentleman on shop asked the price as we are there to buy new tube and tires from him. Meanwhile support vehicle arrived, and that moment i can’t describe, it was like all wishes came true in that moment. We hanged our cycles on vehicle and started a way back home.

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