Search for Inspiration

– By  Priyarupa Sinha ( L&T-MHPS)


The hope in the eyes of the little girl selling flowers at the traffic signal ,

the pride in the eyes of the soldier’s family  as they acknowledge the inevitable.

The excitement in the eyes of scientist on his new discovery ,

the relief in the eyes of the fire extinguisher as he prevents another misery.

The love  in the eyes of a  mother on reuniting with her long lost son ,

the happiness in the in the eyes of the buddies  who decide to have some more fun.

The determination in the eyes of a bruised wrestler as he prepares for the next punch ,

the belief in the eyes of the poor farmer who smiles despite his financial crunch.

The honesty in the eyes of the social worker as he delivers his first speech ,

the patience  in the eyes of the teacher as she begins to teach.

The purity in the eyes of the toddler who makes an innocent observation ,

the passion in the eyes of the writers like me who are  in search for inspiration.



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Ayush Jain

Priya! The real emotion portrayed in each line is heartwarming. You could be the source of inspiration for so many!

Ashish Kumar

Beautiful !

Ashruti baranwal

Awesome. Soo happy to see you all writing and inspiring so many people toread and write. Kudos to the entire Enlightenment Team.