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We live in a truly stunning world. Don’t we? There are countless places a visit, things to do, experiences to take and examples to live by, before we die. Or at least this is what many of us dream of, regularly. We, the bucket list generation!

But then come the distractions, deeply rooted in our lives and holding us away from all the awesomeness and preventing us from living our life abundantly. Some of us have jobs we don’t like but still spend a fortune of time on it anyway. Others have physical limitations, social boundaries and countless other reasons which come in the way of living the dream. Ultimately, it becomes impossible for us to live those fulfilling life experiences we always long for – a reality hard to change.

In the context, let me put a perspective here. I believe, the closest way to gaining an experience or living a particular life without actually living it, is to read about that experience and live it through the eyes of someone else, who has actually lived it. That’s the closest you can get. And reading stimulates your imagination in a way that you actually drop in the shoes of the person you are reading about and gain beautiful insights about that particular world. It somehow makes us more empathetic and wise. It is simply the best possible way to learn quickly and grow intellectually.

Not only the regular people, Innovation and genius also need a foundation of knowledge to learn from it, rise above it and create new questions and answers that have never been asked and addressed before. As all recent studies in brain science prove, reading opens new neuron pathways and stretches the limits of human mind. The existence of Neuroplasticity is now proved beyond doubt. It suggests that human brain changes its structure and composition with every life experience and knowledge added to it regardless of age.

So, the fascinating thing is, there is no good age to start reading. We all should be reading more now regardless of how much we used to read in the past. Language skills are the highest evolved skills in the human evolution which is also reason enough to employ this skill and use it to grow and evolve as a wise person.

With all the worldly disruptions and continuously plummeting attention spans, the habit of reading has taken a toll. This explains how young and bright people in their respective fields of expertise plateau due to their resistance to undergoing the hard work of reading and learning new skills. Reading well is always a hard work howsoever well-read and smart you get. So, it’s never going to be easy and it’s going to require your focus. But If you have read this piece this far, you probably have the acumen to get going.

With this, I sincerely hope that Enlightenment inspires and helps all its readers to read, write and give wings to their creative spirit and above all, to become a better person than they were yesterday.

Read and shine!

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