Irish House – Restaurant Review

By Mayank Jain (L&T MHPS)

Of the many hangout places at Nehru Place Metro Station, Irish House is the one which is hard to miss. It is the entrance of the restaurant which catches our attention and made us to have a stay there and believe me, it was a great deal. It was a get-together of Enlightenment team mates and Irish House is the place which made our meet a memorable one. At the entrance itself, there is a bar with lights all around.

The ambience of the restaurant is an eye-candy. Vintage clocks, paintings and most importantly the phrases written on the walls gave that place a totally different look. The indoor seating is nice but I think it was because of the weekend that there is a lot of people there which made it a little congested, but that was not something which can take away the charm of the place.

There is a high permanent platform for the DJ console playing Retro English songs which replenished the memories of 90’s music.  As I mentioned earlier that there are phrases written on the walls of which one says – “We don’t tell you what to drink, so don’t tell us what music to play”. This seems a little rude but that’s OK because the kind of music and tracks they play exactly fits in the mood of the people, means nobody has to go and ask to change it.

Now coming to the main part of the restaurant, i.e. the food. Irish House menu offers a variety of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian cuisine, but the hard thing about it is the fancy names of the dishes like Supreme Burrito Bowl, Classic Falafel Pita Pockets, The Sourdough Fondue Bowl and many more. It gives very little idea of what the dish would be or what portion would be like. But to make it simple, the menu has a picture of each and every dish that is mentioned on the menu and even the portion sizes. The presentation is the same for most of the dishes displayed making very easy for anyone to decide to your order.


So after spending some time to get through the menu, we started-off with “Grande Nachos” which is a platter full of nachos (crispy corn chips) with lots of fried beans, jalapenos, cream, and tomato salsa. It served as good appetizer and made us want the other dishes arrive. The Classic Three Cheese Pizza made everyone drool and made them want more of it. It was a thin crust pizza with cheese content lesser than the Domino’s / KFC’s pizza but the taste was much better than the either. But the instant hit among the veggies was Spinach N Cheese Jammers due to their awesome taste. The Peri Peri Cottage Cheese Bowl was equally tasty and made us full. To add a little more to the evening, there were various mocktails in the menu like Green Appletini and Tangering Mojito which were equally good.

For the non-veggies, the variety of dishes present was way more than the vegetarians. You can understand that the non-veg items are so good that the non-veggies wanted to have the dishes arrive in minimum time.

Surprisingly, beside the weekend story, the food was arrived in minimum time. The waiters were very helpful in making us understand the names and the content of the dishes in a simplified manner besides having a picture of each in the menu.

Beside the inner space, Irish House has an exterior space also which unfortunately was crowded with smokers on that day, but could be nice on a bright winter afternoon to enjoy.

The price of the food is a little on the expensive side as compared to the normal restaurants, but every good thing comes with a good price.

And lastly, the cherry on the cake is the music which made all of us dance. And the fun part is most of us don’t know how to dance on English songs, but the ambience, the food and the drinks made up our mood so light that we danced as if no-one is watching.

Overall, Irish House is a great place to hangout with friends and colleagues. It is pulling the young crowd for a popular destination to celebrate birthdays or other events. I would strongly recommend all to just give it a try and you’ll love it.

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