By: Arshi Zaki  ( L&T MHPS Boilers ) 

The lines on our faces

Are a map of all the places

We have travelled and explored,

They are a proof, a record

Of the path we have treaded

All the fears we have dreaded

And the wisdom we did gain

From failures and from pain

These are not mere wrinkles

That you get as you grow old

These are real stories

Of times warm and cold

I hear the world say

You are growing old

Your skin is no more glowing

You look worn out and cold

They don’t know enough

That this face is not just wrinkled

These are paths printed

On clay with stories sprinkled

Stories both happy and sad

From when I was a lad

Milestones of numerous blunders

Over many springs, autumns and thunders

These wrinkles are not mere lines, they are a map….



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