Burma Burma- A Review!

By Ayush Jain (LMB)

Going out for a meal? You’ll probably search for a multi-cuisine restaurant or at least one which serves both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options. You’d probably be thinking of mouth-watering Buttery Chicken or Mutton Korma as compared to boring, limited and repetitive choices vegetarian cuisine has to offer.

But what if I told you of this vegetarian restaurant which has people raving over its food and which will make you forget about the lip smacking non-veg delicacies.

You’d probably say I’m kidding. Well I am not!

Burma Burma is one such exception!! 

Most of us look for unique dining experiences, whether it be the decor, the location or just the theme of the restaurant.

But, Burma Burma in (located in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai & Bangalore) has it all. Apart from it’s USP of delectable food, Burma Burma excels in providing a fine dining experience like none other.

The first thing you notice on entering is the decor of the place. Extensive & intricate woodwork greets the eye, with the patterns, colorful interiors and the arrangement of artistic pieces giving you a feel of being in Myanmar itself blending in the essential elements of a Buddhist temple as well as those of a local village.


The lighting is soothing to the eye and staff is extremely courteous, knowledgeable about the menu, and helpful in giving you the recommendations in selecting your meal as per your preferences. Apart from this, the portions served are quite generous and seating is comfortable.

What still astounds is the kind of variety and numerous options it offers in vegetarian cuisine. From streamed buns to parathas, fermented green tea leaves to falooda and from the street food of Myanmar to high-end options available in major cities, Burma Burma offers everything.


Bowl meal of coconut milk with veggies and served with array of toppings

Some of the mouth watering dishes I sampled on my two visits to Burma Burma were the Dry Khow Suey, the Samosa Soup and the crunchy tofu baos. The flavors of Asian cuisine at Burma Burma are truly unique and there’s no dearth of items for you to try.

Apart from the food, Burma Burma offers a great range of novelty teas and some very innovative dessert options.

The only downside to the restaurant were the slightly higher prices but that should not deter from this amazing dining experience.

All in all, Burma Burma is a must try for all foodies whether you’re a core non-vegetarian or not. Do visit and I guarantee that it will be pleasurable delight for all your senses.

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Anshul Srivastava

Burma Burma is definitely a delightful experience. The samosa soup has a very distinctive taste and is definitely a unique offering. Also when you visit the Cyber Tower outlet, there are many other dessert options to club in after a delightful meal at Burma Burma