25 Things Everyone Has Done But Will Never, Ever Admit

  1.  Pretended to be looking at something in the grocery store

  2. Had an anxiety attack while trying to put change away:

  3. Lost all trust when it came to the remote:

  4. Spending a little too much time thinking about shipping:

  5. Made this face: 

  6. Gave mental advice: 

  7. Held the remote like this as if it helps: 

  8. Acted a little too innocent: 

  9. Made plans knowing there is NO WAY you are going: 

  10. Had severe regrets about all those days of clear nostrils: 

  11. Come up with excuses instead of deleting pictures: 

  12. Turned down the music so you could see better: 

  13. Opened your eyes to combat the demons: 

  14. Not picked up the phone because you were just trying to surf the web: 

  15. That one laugh: 

  16. Tried to fit those episodes in: 

  17. Made sure…  Just in case:

  18. Done the turn:

  19. Refused to throw out the old clothes:

  20. Gave it a few clicks:

  21. Lost all semblance of self after hearing a recording of yourself talking:

  22. Ran upstairs at the speed of light:

  23. Talking on the phone around the house:

  24. Responded to everything to like this:

  25. And ate the paper..

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HAHA! Awesome collection!


hahaha..funny..so true…it happens all the time..

Ashish Kumar


Rajat Kumar Gupta

Nice work….Keep it up…

Rashul Madan

Very interesting post…
helped me realize what I have been doing all these years… :p