May 2018


By Pritha Banerjee (L&T MHPS) In this edition, while talking about health, we will discuss about improper Sleep i.e. Sleep Disorder. Today we [...]

Editor’s Letter

The  horrifying gangrapes of two minor girls, one in J&K’s Kathua and the other in UP’s Unnao, have shook the entire nation. The [...]


Let’s have a look what are the L&T people upto 5th Birthday celebration of Atharv  son of Mr Amit Ahuja  (LMB)     [...]


“Wonder Woman” by Mr Shubham Sen (LMB) “Dexterity” By Mr Saif Saiyad (LMB) A beautiful Sketch by Mr Kabir Khare brother of Ms [...]

Prepare Anywhere

By Shravan Sriram (RBU) A few years ago, I remember taking a metro on a fine Sunday afternoon to reach old Delhi and [...]

उसे शिकवा है

By Rajesh Dhiman ( L&T MHPS)   उसे शिकवा है कि मैं उस पर कोई गीत नहीं लिखता उसे शिकवा है कि मैं [...]

The Letter

-By Chirag Chakraborty  (PT&D , Solar BU) Mio Amore, I am in love with you, from the first moment I saw you sitting [...]

Poorly Drawn Lines

Comics have always been fun. As a child, we’ve all probably relished countless number of long comic series. Now in adulthood, we lack the kind [...]