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The  horrifying gangrapes of two minor girls, one in J&K’s Kathua and the other in UP’s Unnao, have shook the entire nation. The incidents have brought unprecedented attention on the scale of violence against women in India . Actually neither case is recent, and that it has taken so long for them to get national attention only underlines how difficult the fight for justice still remains for rape victims.

For too long , women have been blamed and shamed when sexual violations are committed against them. Moral policing has not only failed to deter sexual aggression but  also continues to blame the victim.  While the accused often enjoys the political power or patronage , the victim struggles to even file a complaint. Even after five years after passage of the Nirbhaya legislation –government has failed to formulate better laws and stronger enforcement .

As our society tearfully watches on, can we seriously do anything about it ? Maybe , yes.

How many parents have sat their children down and discussed this case, discussed crimes against women, the consequences of it and a zero tolerance attitude towards it? Rapists aren’t strangers, they are born to women and families, and respect or disrespect to women is inculcated at home. We come across  women who are beaten by their husbands and stay silent  about it. Their children quietly look on and  it becomes an almost acceptable reality since the father is never punished for his actions. The children grow up beating their partners or accepting being beaten up because it is familiar and un-punishable behaviour.

Respect towards women is something the parents have to inculcate in their children in the firmest possible manner and also by leading by example. Tell them that no matter what the reason is, raising a hand on a woman is unacceptable and it will always be denounced and severely punished, never overlooked. If you are the victim of domestic violence, put an end to it now, because such men need to be taught tough lessons that unfortunately, their parents failed to teach them.

Well this may not sound  as a persuasive solution to improve the existing appalling scenario in our  nation ;  but it can certainly help in  saving our future generations from committing such heinous crimes  . After-all , the culture of respecting women must start at home , Right ?

Hoping for a safer nation .Cheers!

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