June 7, 2018

आखिरी कलाम

  कुछ लफ्ज़ उनके नाम थे, अब कह नहीं सकते |   बेफिक्री में दिल की बेचैनी, यूँ समझा नहीं सकते |   [...]


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Pencil sketch of a Girl, By Subham Sen, L&T MHPS [...]


Let’s have a look what are the L&T people up to this month – Mr.  Rahul Rajput (LMB) enjoying with his friends at [...]

Girl Friends

By: Pritha Banerjee (L&T MHPS) Disclaimer: The following article is meant for girls to read, correlate and enjoy! Boys, may also read it [...]