Girl Friends

By: Pritha Banerjee (L&T MHPS)

Disclaimer: The following article is meant for girls to read, correlate and enjoy! Boys, may also read it to know more about girls and enjoy!

Recently, I went through a very interesting NEWS (courtesy: In Shorts) or rather I should say a ‘Masala’ NEWS.

The headlines read out that “No Catfights on Ocean’s 8 sets, we’re all friends”: Anne Hathaway

So, I was curious and searched for the details only to find that that the eight lead actresses on the movie set were not cooperating with each other during the shoots. Hence, the rumor of catfights started which was later denied by Hathaway. Adding to it, she also mentioned about female friendship saying “We’re friends. We genuinely love each other and we’re so there for each other. Its’ a beautiful thing and I think that’s what female friendship is!”

Looking at the success of movies like ‘Veere di Wedding’ on one hand where the friendship between girls is highlighted, and at the same time, Catfights making headlines, on the other hand, It makes me believe that something is certainly wrong and we definitely need to talk about it.

Girlfriends are the most important ingredient in a girl’s recipe of life. She wants to hang around with them, go for shopping, and talks about naughty stuff, discuss fashion, share her sadness or express her pain with her girlfriends. The like-to-do list goes on. And, the best of amongst these is that one gets to know about all her each other secrets too.

Some also find a best friend in her sister or her mother or her childhood/ school/ college friend.

Girls can typically go along with each other well. But at times they have fights too.

What leads to these fights?

Girls can be jealous of each other for better clothes or accessories or boyfriends or even for more rich or liberal parents. (Ya, I know it sounds weird but it’s true!). Generally, girls being more sensitive and emotional, they can get hurt easily. But at the same time, they are immature too! So, don’t be surprised if a pragmatic conversation might ends up into a fight. But, note that it doesn’t last for long. After an hour, or even before,  if they need to disclose some stupid stuff that either one of them has come across,  they won’t hesitate to call or text or talk to each other.

For instance, recently I came to know about a fight between two of my friends where they fought while shopping. They both liked the same dress but only one could buy it due to unavailability of a second piece. So, apparently the other got angry and commented on her looks. The situation worsened when they started pointing out imperfections in each other’s choice and collection. Wasn’t that funny and stupid?

But after the fight, they had clicked photos of eating burger together and planned for a Sarojini tour on the next weekend.

Cat fights can result in terminating friendship too. This usually happens when the ego is hurt. Which is also very common amongst girls. So, girls need to be careful about it.

Now, coming to friendship. Girls together can go awesome. For instance, when going for trips, from planning till executing it and finally selecting photo album after returning, they do it with full devotion and determination. They might disagree with each other on some points but it’s most successful.

Or, maybe it’s not, if everyone is stubborn and least bothered about others’ feelings.

Going for dinners, movies, shopping; they need each other. Mostly, this is the case. Of course, exceptions do exist. But In general, as compared to boys, girls tend to overdo in every planning.

I will like to give an examples from my own life here. When me and my best friend Payel planned for our Srilanka tour, starting from booking the package, shopping at different cities for each other, getting every dress and accessories twinned, going for the trip, coming back, to creating our scrap book; we both took it as a serious task. We enjoyed every part of it for an extended period of four months for a trip of five days. We had small fights but only to end up with a better plan. I guess, that was the best 5 days of my life. We enjoyed our trip while executing perfectly as planned and had fun to the fullest.

Similarly coming to the friendship between girls, again, I can give an example of my friends from my workplace. We are many in numbers, from nearly same age  (+/- 5years) bracket, mature and come from a different culture. But when we are together, we are happy doing anything or everything.  We even have minor fights at times.

This was a brief of my idea about girlfriends. You can also share your points or experience.

1st August is celebrated as Girl friends day, not for romantic partners but for girlfriends to thank each other. So girls, you can also celebrate your special bond with each other. Start planning. Hurry Up!

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We all have friends…Be it girl or boy…But that one friend…Who becomes our soulmate….I beg to differ has to be a boy…Bcz they only will give you the true support in all aspects..Unlike girls..Who will be there as ur bestie till the time situation or circumstances of life doesn’t change towards the negative but ultimately at some point of time..The friendship fades away. But a boy..If he is ur true friend..Whatever situation it may be..They will be still the bestest friend for life(irrespective of the status of ur life)