From the desk of the Editor of July 2018

 Ananya Majumdar (L&T MHPS)

The right to freedom of speech and expression as per Indian Constitution means the right to express one’s own convictions and opinions freely.  It reinforces all other human rights, allowing society to develop and progress. Unfortunately, in recent times, it appears to be the most misused right.

Most of the journalists and television news reporters these days believe in sensationalizing the news for TRPs and often end up showing incorrect or biased opinions on their shows. Thus, playing with the minds of the  viewers. They often cruelly misuse the right by using it as an excuse to be discriminative and unpleasant. Each event is a breaking news for the news channels, with almost every person passing judgement on every major to minor incident taking place in the country. And with barely any facts in hand, these people pass strong statements which are more than often unacceptable. Looking at these situations, I often wonder why does it take the Indian judiciary system so long to intervene!

Watching them speak, I have truly started to believe that the television is indeed an idiot box. However, not every platform of expression has been monetarily compromised and hence we are proud to present to you Enlightenment’s July edition where we tend to touch thoughts that matter.

While we embark in the glory of celebrities through social media, we tend to miss that some very creative and talented people are among us. We ought to identify and appreciate them. And, Enlightenment is just the platform offered for these geniuses to come forward.

With FIFA World Cup 2018 nearing its finale, the fans would have crossed their fingers in this final leg on who will lift the cup. Many fans are disappointed that the star players are out of the World Cup early, but the show must go on. The 90 minutes intense performance between France and Croatia would be worth watching as they battle it out for the cup.

The month of July is synonymous with the monsoons. While Mumbai is yet again facing  a disastrous situation due to the heavy showers, we in Delhi-NCR are praying for the rains. As a child, I remember rainy season would give us an excuse for not going to school. I surely miss those good old days. Now no matter what happens one have to come to office. However, I urge you to feel the rains, get wet, have pakoras and bhajis and make the most of it as this is a short season in this part of India.

Let this monsoon bring new hope, new adventures, and here’s presenting ENLIGHTENMENT!

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed curating it for you!


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Nicely said about the magazine- ‘ to touch thoughts that matter.’

Prasenjit Sen

It is indeed a frustrating situation about both “use” and “misuse” of freedom of expression in recent times. However, you have shown a true editor-like spirit by giving an unbiased view. Kudos Ananya!!