Pelé: Birth of a Legend (Movie Review)

by Sandeep Dahiya (L&T-MHPS Boilers)

The Football world cup is over but the fever for this beautiful game will continue forever. There have been many stars who have contributed to this beautiful game and made it amazing to watch. One such star is Brazilain football legend “Pele”.

Just before the start of this year’s FIFA world cup, I happened to watch a movie on Brazilian Football Legend “Pele”. The movie is titled Pelé: Birth of a Legend.

The movie was released in 2016 and is directed by director duo of Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist. The movie stars Kevin de Paula as Pele, while Leonardo Lima Carvalho plays the younger Pele. Brazilian Superstar Seu Jorge plays Pele’s father and Mariana Nunes plays Pele’s mother in the movie. Movie length is 107 minutes.

PELE is probably the biggest name in the soccer history that has shaped & shifted the current playing style of modern day game. The extravagant career speaks for itself. The movie shows us the making & coming to be of PELE.

This movie is about small & humble beginnings, it’s about friendship, it’s about believing in one self, taking the risk. Movie shows us that, even if you don’t have resources at your disposal, but you have the talent and resolve to succeed, if you are passionate about something, you will leave your mark.

Movie has amazing moments, really great camera work. The young Pele practicing with Mangoes in his backyard to learn control and accuracy. Pele making it to the team and playing his style of “Ginga” football. In fact that is the Brazilian style of football we all are so fond of. Brazilian team taking football from Hotel room to a nearby lighthouse a day before the final with “Ginga” dribble. And finally a 17 year old young boy from humble background arriving on world stage by scoring in world cup final and winning it for Brazil. Some of the scenes in the Movie will leave you Goose bumped.

The movie is full of motivational scenes and football, which it is supposed to be. The movie becomes predictive at times if you already know who Pele is. It is still a must watch for every football fan. Even if you don’t watch football, this movie will keep you hooked as it has some really good scenes which will motivate and move anyone.

The background Music by A. R. Rahman inspired by Brazilian tunes fits into the scenes perfectly.

Great story, good acting, simple yet powerful direction and great camerawork makes this one a good watch.

The movie was not acclaimed by critics due to oversimplification of various socio-demographic aspects and mistakes but it was liked by audiences.

Watch and fall in love with football again.




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