Dear Friend

By Shruti Vairagkar (L&T Howden)

My dear dear friend, I have much to say.

Yet words we know cannot express

what I feel today

More than half my life have I known you,

which would have been

rather dreary without you.

We have had so much fun over the years

shared many a laugh and a few tears.

A warm and conscientious soul,

you helped me stay on track.

Like two sides of a coin,

we’ve always had each other’s back.

A pair of innocent and wide eyed girls

we shared our girlhood dreams.

The stars were aligned and

ours was a friendship meant to be.

Teacher’s pets,

we rarely got into trouble

except when we were caught gossiping

or whispering in a huddle.

The love for English, Biology

and Harry Potter was mutual.

Celebrating birthdays and end of exams

at your place was a ritual.

A starburst and the gentle lamb,

a paradox it may seem

A perfect combination of both is

what you are for me.

I do not know what life

Has in store for you and me

But know this for sure

You will always be

A part of my reality


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Ayush Jain

Well written. A really moving piece of poetry.