Mind your words, the grammar police is here

With so many unpredictable rules and confusing forms, using correct English grammar every time can be tough even for the native speakers. Surely there are people who have mastered the erratic grammar rules fairly well which is admirable. Yet, some among the contingent happen to develop an obsessive compulsive urge to take every possible opportunity of correcting other people’s grammar.

The collection of such facetious adventures of the grammar police and its victims gets funny enough to make it to our wacky web section.  Enjoy the pun !

That was just a friendly correction

The meme is perfect, but your know…

The sort of non-sense with which we will never put

Quite a dilemma, Is Elizabeth drunk?

Miscommunication at its finest

It must not be not construed in a not so negative sense

What if I told you it’s not a word

Homo-correctuses are slowly infiltrating the homo-sapiens race

I would remember that with a heartache

Sometimes, correct things are counter-productive

Being politically correct is not the only desirable thing here please

The only time when grammar Nazis had a hard time

Only a full sentence, Your Owner

I had A for “A-L-Mond” milk for breakfast

I am generally not rude at the restaurants, but…

Source: Instagram

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