But first…, coffee

By Vandana Singh Dev  (L&T ECC (TI-IC) – CTP-14)

“Over a demitasse of Espresso, life slows down” ~Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO of Starbucks

I love coffee! I love how it tastes. I love how it feels going down. I love the whole ritual about drinking coffee, whether brewing it myself, or sitting in a coffee house with a nice hot mug. And
I love how it feels after I drink it until… I don’t. Fated to be addicted, blissfully!

That intoxicating aroma, paired with a perfect mug on which I can curl my fingers! The bitter sweetness of the coffee beans-churned well, the rich, thick- white cream in my pitch black coffee – such a simple luxury! That sharp-biting sensation, at the back of the tongue kicking back my caffeine-aroused senses.

Well I guess coffee is consumed for experience. I can certainly agree with this as I love trying new things and coffee was no exception. With the millions of blends, flavors, and brands out there, it comes as no surprise that finding a small coffee shop tucked away somewhere, selling that perfectly flavorful cup, would appeal to just about anyone and everyone curious to drift in to the realm of coffee.

Perhaps there is no lingo, no versed barista, all one needs is a bold-nippy flavor and it surges like a drug flowing – just like blood flows through the veins.

Every so often all one needs is a novel too, curl up to your dearest cozy spot or just drink and ponder over some lovely thoughts-realizing how much coffee relates to life!

Alas! One realizes it’s nearly the end. Then all he has is that lingering taste which one will embrace till one gets their next ‘perfect blend’!

Some caffeine to delight ourselves every now and then!

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Ayush Jain

Very well expressed. I share the exact sentiments.