There’s something about stock photos that make them instantly recognizable as a genre, a weird, posey cheesiness that unifies them all. When you see a stock photo, you just know that it’s a stock photo.

Trying to represent so many different topics, ideas, concepts and scenarios into single photographs makes the job difficult for photographers and actors, and the ways in which they fail is a source of absolute comedy gold. The hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob, originally started by scientists, has been going around and it is a perfect collection of the times when stock photographers clearly had no idea what they were doing. The fails, along with the inherent cheesiness of the photographs and the indignation of those whose jobs are woefully misrepresented, combine for a perfect storm of hilarity!

1.  The stethoscope is not even on his ears..

2.  This actually looks like an exhausted pharmacist after people have been showing him their rashes all day.

3. I wish I could sometimes..

4. It’s obviously a game of rock, paper, scissors. Baby wins..!

5. Moreover, you obviously use a font size of 22 pt or more when coding. This must lead to solid code !

6. You’ve rented it for the day, why not get your money’s worth..

7. This looks like every CSI episode ever..

8. Mathmusician..?!

9. Safety glasses on just in case a rogue meteorite hits him in the eye. Safety first..

10. “Metal wands that muggles kill each other with..”

11. Good thing the cap is on…’cause I’m not even looking at these test tubes…Sigh..

12. This is a DNA strand in the Southern Hemisphere..

13. Writing on a blackboard with a pencil is very defeatist..

14. Serious head and face injury in 3.. 2.. 1…

15. Jimmy, I forgot the damn gloves..! Oh well, just take the pic and let’s move on..

16. But he’s so focused, look at him.. So focused…

17. As an Artist (I made three drawings in my kindergarten..), I can say that this is the process of spiritual inspiration.

18. I find it ironic that the watermark is “Shutterstock”..

19. Well somebody has to do it, I guess..

20. Typewriter: I don’t feel so well. I don’t wanna go Mr. Typist..

21. That out of place blue pencil on the left is hurting me..

22. Let’s hope students can read complex maths backwards..!

23. These atoms were much bigger than when I was young..

24. And you must use the secret, left hand hand shake too..

25. Einstein is rolling in his grave..

26. And you thought I will miss the stock photo of our job..

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