Happiness Hormones

-Prashant Bharadwaj (LMB)

It’s nice to know that we are physically geared towards happiness through the production of “happy hormones”.
In previous edition we have discussed about will power hormone -Serotonin
Lets see what makes these other happiness hormone tick.


Dopamine is a reward hormone and is stimulated when we strive towards a goal. It helps motivate us to take action to achieve the goal so we can experience the pleasure of the reward.
Ways to increase dopamine:
(1) Set daily or monthly goals: Having specific, measurable and achievable goals give us something to strive towards, thus stimulating dopamine production. A purposeful life does make us happy!
(2) Exercise with an objective: Dopamine levels tend to rise together with serotonin when we exercise. Since dopamine is associated with goal achievement, setting a distance or time target will stimulate its production.


A neurotransmitter oxytocin which is often called as the love hormone. Oxytocin release to life satisfaction levels.
Ways to increase oxytocin:
(1) Have a massage: Apart from the physical relaxation of muscles, a massage increases our emotional well being since the prolonged physical contact releases oxytocin in our system.
(2) Stress Management : Stress blocks release of oxyticin.


Endorphins are next on the happiness list. Endorphins block pain and is a body’s natural painkillers. These are recommended as natural painkillers and can ease out the chronic pain.
Ways to increase endorphins:
(1) Exercise rigorously: Anaerobic exercise helps us to cope with chronic pains by activating our bodies’ natural painkillers. Endorphins don’t really help us to feel good, but they do help us to feel less bad.
(2) Eat spicy food: Receptors on our tongues react to spice by sending signals to our brains similar to pain signals. This triggers the production of endorphins.
3)Aromatherapy: vanilla or lavender scent also boost Endorphins.

Happiness is not only in our minds, it is also in our bodies.No need to worry about any particular state as a small change in routine can steer you on the path of happiness

Remember!!!! the digital world prevents our body to release this hormone, which is why it is highly recommended to maintain face-to-face relationships and create continuous bonds with the community. Something as simple as visiting a crowded place is perfect for sustaining the release of Happiness hormones.

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