Editor’s Letter

Dear Reader,

As the festive season blooms with Navratri and Durga Puja, we bring you yet another edition of your favorite magazine. It has always been our endeavor to present varied ideas, thoughts and information through our sections and provide you with a great reading experience. I hope you will enjoy and support our efforts as you always have done in past. With this editorial I specifically urge you to read, provide us your feedback as comments on articles or sections of your choice and interest. You all realize power of social media and may be definitely using it for your entertainment and networking. We want your magazine to benefit from this powerful platform called social media. I hope you will not only read what Enlightenment has to offer but also share with like minded friends and family members on social media. Help us to reach a readership of 5k. You can do this for us. Make sure you share your favorite article or section on social media as you read through this edition.

This is your magazine. We are observing a trend where some of our sections like POM and Writer’s corner are getting a great response from you all but some other sections which are also written with lot of research and dedication get a mild response.  Hope this will change sooner in future and we will get a fantastic response for all our sections.

As I said earlier that this is your magazine, we have a section titled @Home which is tailor-made for you. It is said that happiness shared doubles and we want to share your happy moments with all fellow L&T-ites through this section.  I request you all to share pictures of your festival celebrations, birthdays, travel , get-togethers and of any other happy moment with us.

We are as always open to share your writings in the sections we offer. If you write well, let others benefit from your writing, if you think you cant write well start writing and hope you will get published in Enlightenment some day.

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.

E. L. Doctorow

Its never late to start something new. We encourage you to write and share with us. Believe me its an enriching experience.  Hope some of you, who always thought of writing something will give it a try after reading this editorial. I hope most of you will write well. I hope we will get many entries for our next edition that our team will be spoilt for choices.

Signing off and wishing you best of festive season ahead!!

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