Bollywood Tropes That Are Way Beyond Imagination

By Sujith Mohandas(LMB)

We all love Bollywood, don’t we! All the songs and dance and who can forget the romance. But sometimes Bollywood does things which actually are out of logic or would be too awkward in real life if we have to say it in a more sensible manner. But that is what makes Bollywood unique and lovable. So here are the some of the many Bollywood tropes which are surely ‘Out of the World’ and senseless too(sorry Bollywood but this is true).

1. Maa ki supernatural senses.

2. All girls’ hair constantly blowing in the wind. Even while indoors.

3. And doing a 180 degree hair-flip in normal mundane situations

4.  The one person that you don’t want hearing your secret constantly standing within earshot.

5. Everyone moving in perfect sync without any planning involved.

6. Romancing on snow-capped mountains in barely any clothing.

7. 5-star customer service by a host of gods and goddesses.

8. Your wedding being literally the saddest day of your life.

9. Rain functioning as a powerful aphrodisiac that leads to instantaneous sexytime.

10. Walking In slow motion.

11. Actions that defy physics… And logic.

12. Handling emotional confrontations and conflicts by singing and dancing.

14. Every single person you know being an incredibly talented and over-eager singer and dancer.

15. Declaring love via nonsensical lyrical metaphors.

16. Teleporting to foreign locales for quick song and dance routines.

17. Ridiculous and dramatic entrances, no matter where you’re going.

Hope you had your share of laughter after going through this extremely, mind blowing and over the top hilarious post.

Watch this space for more webilarious(web+hilarious, i just made that up 😛 ) content.

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