New Years Resolutions-Not Again!

By : Priyarupa Sinha ( L&T-MHPS Boilers)

“I swear , I really tried”, I said to myself while gawking at my new year resolution diary. I began paging awkwardly through my year 2018 resolution list.

The first resolution: To stay fit and healthy

I paused for a while and then moved closer to the mirror to check my appearance- a protruded belly (Oh-no) , fuller cheeks (Oh-no-no) and heavier thighs (Oh-no-no-no)-unfit and overweight, that was definitely not on my new year’s check list. Sad and subdued , I went on to read my second resolution

The second resolution : To watch less telly

Although the time that I spent on watching some witless episodes on idiot box had reduced substantially, but it was more than nullified by the time I spent on binge watching some epic seasons on Netflix and Amazon Prime. With sheepish grin on my face, I moved on to read my third and final resolution.

The third resolution : To read more Classic Literature

Forget anything Classic, I had barely managed to read anything more than my mails on outlook.

The three failed results made me realize that I was clearly hopeless at resolutions. So, as the clock was ticking towards the New year’s eve , I turned over the page and started jotting my 2019 resolutions..

The first resolution: To stay fit and healthy To Spend more time with my  pillow

The Second resolution: To watch less telly  To watch the Game of Thrones Season 8 with complete sheathing against any spoilers this time

The Third resolution: To read more Classic Literature To uninstall Outlook from my phone.

‘Now this looks like an achievable set of Resolutions’, I said to myself and welcomed the year 2019.

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Sandeep Dahiya

Awesome writing Priya…


Been rigorously following the first one. Eager to achieve the second Probable hopes for the third.


True… resolutions should be achievable.
Lets make SMART resolutions henceforth..