Rich Dad Poor Dad (Book Review)

by Sandeep Dahiya (L&T-MHPS)

This was one Book which was suggested to me by a friend few years back but due to some reasons I could not read this one. Recently I got a chance to get my hand on this book and after reading I regretted that why I haven’t read it earlier. There are very few books which made me think this way.

We all (most of us) want to be financially secure and free, but have very little idea about how it can be done. We work our whole life paying EMI’s and end of day creating financial liabilities.

 I think “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is one book which everyone should read. It was written by Robert Kiyosaki in 1997. Since then, I has been a Bestseller. It is based on his own learnings from his two fathers (one his real and other his financial Guru in some sense).

Kiyosaki very beautifully explains the concept of financial literacy, money management and how rich make money in the book by examples from his own life. He differentiates the views and attitude of poor from the Rich.

He explains concept of asset and liabilities, concept of cash flow and money management which are very basic to personal finance management. He also focus on importance of being financially literate. He advocates the importance of including financial education in schools. He narrates lots of hands on type of experiences from his own life.

The book fundamentally inspire you to be money savvy i.e. take care of your money and create assets, income from which (passive income) can pay for your expenses as you create more and more such assets.

Though one may not take all advice/suggestions as provided by Robert in the book but certainly it’s a must read for anyone looking to learn some basic about personal finance.

The books negative point is too much focus own Rich dad way as coined by Robert Kiyosaki in the book. Most of times it feels that Robert is obsessed with his way of attaining financial freedom. It has received lot of criticism from financial minds.

But still I would like to end with saying I loved reading the book and got inspired from the real life story of Kiyosaki. I recommend you read this book at least once and the time is now.

In Robert Kiyosaki’s words “anything that will put cash in your pocket is an asset. “

This book is an asset, I would say.

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