For My Love

By: Ms. Swapna Sharma -Spouse of Mr. Anurag Mishra ( L&T-MHPS Boilers)

Your Ingress into my barren world ,
delighted every moment from dusk to dawn.
Never thought that you’ll change everything,
every single complaint of my heart is gone.
This is the very secret of my glee,
which keeps me going on and on. 

Every time I wish I was close by you-
watching you and caressing you ;
you were always concealed somewhere in my dreams ,
and your arrival made my dream come true.
A wish to be in your arms always,
thrills me, ever since I’ve known you. 
Every nook and corner of my heart,
hums in ecstasy , a song very true-
That you are my life and I love you.

Something makes your heart my castle,
And mine , your’s forever.
Making every single heartbeat ,
reminder of a presence of the other.
This is the bliss of true love; my love,
Although separated by distance but still together.

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Jayashree Bhattacharjee

Loved it !
Keep on converting more of your thoughts into words…my best wishes always for you.

Swapna Sharma

Thanks dr..


Reflects true Love !!!

Swapna Sharma

Thank you