12 Sweet and Funny Love Quotes for the Romantic in All of Us

By : Priyarupa Sinha (LMB)

Love is the only kind of fire which is never covered by insurance. 


These silly jokes and pinnable quotes all capture that crazy little thing we call ‘love.’

1.On compromising:

2.On unions:

3.On figuring it out:

4.On things that matter:

5.On learning as you go:

6.On odd advertising choices:

7.On love making you reckless:

8.On finding the one:

9.On love providing calm in the storm:

10.On the secret to a lasting marriage:

11.On online “relationship statuses”:

12.On being truly happy together:


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Really funny !!!

Sujith Mohandas

Hilarious. I am confused whether to laugh or ponder over the quotes. 😛