Health Benefits of Love

By: Ananya Majumdar (LMB)

Have you ever wondered – why you feel happier than normal- when you realise you are in love or when you find someone showing some care or affection towards you?

When a person is physically ill, medicines do help him recover. But, for the person to be emotionally strong again, someone needs to take care of him/her and show that he/she is still loved. When we love someone or are loved in return, our mental health is in a better state. The sense of belonging automatically creates the physical and emotional fitness.

In the Valentine’s month, let us appreciate some of the health benefits of being in love. May be then we can appreciate the love showered everyday by our family, friends, etc. 

1. Love is a source of happiness

When you are in love, dopamine or the happy hormone activates. This makes you feel positive and a sense of appreciation develops. Everything in life suddenly starts to seem very good.

2. Love is a Stress Buster

When you are in a relationship, there is a feeling of security and oneness and the stress level goes down. When sense of understanding develops between two people, the stress reduces. Oxytocin or the bonding hormone, often called the ‘cuddle chemical’ is released by simply touching someone. So, the more the chemical is released , it results in a significant reduction in blood pressure levels, decrease in stress and boost up immunity. It also helps energize us.

3. Love reduces anxiety

The most significant problem in the present day is loneliness. People are so busy with their own busy schedule, that there is little time left for socializing. Loneliness is known to increase blood pressure levels. However, a warm greeting from someone or sharing few moments with someone , might help reduce anxiety as you might not feel lonely anymore. Oxytocin reduces anxiety and fear. That is why people do crazy things when in love.

4. Love makes you care

Love not only makes you care for the person you love, it also helps in taking care of your own self. Couples generally encourage each other to seek medical attention, when an individual might not have bothered to pay a visit to a doctor and ignore certain illness. This helps to detect problems earlier and facilitate good health and living.

5. Love improves intellectual health

Interaction with people we love, helps us develop better communication skills. Our loved ones help us tap our own potential, sometimes which we are clearly unaware of. You usually become a good decision maker when in a relationship as now your decisions affect both of you and your partner. It makes you more responsible. Being in a relationship also helps you develop a lot of patience.

6. Love helps attain spirituality

If you have been in a relationship for a while now, and you consider it to be a successful relationship, it means you have already acquired the art of generosity, forgiveness, patience and acceptance. Gratitude and appreciation are two of the most important qualities needed to maintain a successful relationship. We unknowingly start practicing the art of mindfulness – thankful for ourselves, others and life in general.

7. Love gives a long life

When you are happy, with reduced stress and anxiety, it automatically means you are leading a good and healthy life. This will, in due course, lead to you living longer.

Love is wonderful ! Someone who has been in love and has loved someone unconditionally, will agree with me. So, keep calm and keep loving !

“Love is a Choice you make everyday.”

-Gary Chapman



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Aditya Singh

After reading this I came to know that there are more ways to be healthy than I thought.
May God shower such health on all!

Sujith Mohandas

Besides the negative effects of love, the positive side of love is nicely described in the article. Next article should be of the negative effects.

Prasenjit Sen

‘Love’ly article!! Let there be love in everyone’s life.


Ma’am I appreciate the way you explained love scientifically rather taking a cliche stance on it.


Great to know the benefits, since we all know the other side too! 😉