I crave for an honest and simple life I know!

By Piyush Raj Sinha, PT&D-IC

Dear Ma & Pa,

I know, the fog is dense. I am not choosing the safest of paths. I know, I am turning away opportunities which will never knock at my door again. I know, I will be criticized, questioned and misunderstood for the choices I make. I know, I will fail, not once but multiple times. I know, I will doubt myself at times; feel sad, confused and scared. I know, there is a lot to this journey than I could anticipate or comprehend now. But it is for these same reasons that I choose this path. I am not looking for safety or security here. Not for money or fame. Not for power or control.

“I crave for a simple and honest life”. A life where I could feel I have chosen love over fear. A life where I feel I have listened to my inner voice. A life where I feel proud about the paths I have chosen, over the money I have gained or the fame I have achieved. A life where I make my own mistakes, and wear them like badges of honour. This journey is not going to be easy, however this is who I am. To not take this journey would mean to cheat myself, and I won’t be able to bear the weight of that guilt for the rest of my life. This journey is clouded with uncertainties, and I don’t have answers to most of your questions. I know you are worried. To be honest, there is fear in me too. However, I know I will be fine. I will be fine, not because I have a backup plan (not even a plan A) to fall back on. Not because I will have enough money or people to back me. Not because I am better than others. I will be fine because, I choose to embrace all that this journey will bring to me. I will be fine because, I choose to back myself despite the outcomes. I will be fine because, I know I have listened to my conscience, I have lived my truth, and have chosen courage over fear. The only support and strength here I have is you.Thanks for understanding, and supporting me in many silent ways.

With lots and lots of love,

Your little one

“A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.” — John A. Shedd

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Sandeep Dahiya

Beautifully written


Wonderfully written and very relatable!!! Good work Piyush !


That makes you the ‘little one’ we love . Simple , truthful and honest. Proud of you!

Aditya Singh

Gripping content