Nathan Pyle’s ‘Strange Planet’

By Barath S., L&T ECC RBG

Nathan W. Pyle’s viral Instagram sensation STRANGE PLANET finds humor in everyday life and helps us reconnect to our humanity. It features aliens performing human activities but describing their actions in extremely literal ways as a means of spoofing the rituals and behaviors of humans.

Chances are, you’ve probably seen, some of Pyle’s artwork without realizing it.

“‘What is existence? What is real? All that is the base level of any joke. Why do we think something is important and something else is less important? That’s really what Strange Planet plays on. Part of my real hope for this is to create a cohesive universe of language that’s fun,” Pyle says.

And it looks like he’s on his way to achieving that goal: “I crave star damage” — the punchline to a comic about sun tanning — has already become a catchphrase, and #stardamage on Instagram brings up photos of sunburns from people posting their vacations. It’s the kind of real-world impact internet artists dream of, one that transcends the boundaries of a four-panel comic on a screen.

1. Sleep Routine

2. Ideal Companion

3. Sadness

4. Coffee

5. Signature

6. Wine Tasting

7. Being in Love

8. Tan (#stardamage)

9. Birthday

10. Hosting Dinners

11. Gift unwrapping

12. Honey on pancakes

13. Candles

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