Witty Feeds! 30 Seconds Challenge.

Question: A poor man walks into a bar and starts chatting with a much wealthier man…

sad man sitting at the bar brain teasers

…The poor man says to the rich man, “You know, I know every song in the world. I bet you all your fortune and worldly possessions that I can find a song with any name you want.” The rich man, laughing, accepts the poor man’s bet, and bets him to find a song with his daughter’s complete name in it. Her full name is Julie Monique Alexandria. A few minutes later, the poor man leaves the bar with the rich man’s wallet, car keys, and clothes in tow. How did he win the bet?

The only hint we’ll give here is that it’s a real song.

Bad bosses, office birthday brain teasers

Answer: He sang “Happy Birthday.”

Clever, huh?!

Question: What makes the number “8,549,176,320” unique?

brain teasers

Don’t worry, there’s no math involved in this brain teaser.

simple math equation brain teasers

Answer: It contains every number from zero through nine in alphabetical order.

When numbers are involved, the going gets tough.

Question: A man stands on one side of a river and his dog stands on the other. The man calls his dog, who immediately crosses the river without getting wet and without using a bridge or a boat. How did the dog do it?

dog standing by a river brain teasers

No, the dog didn’t possess magical powers

Answer: The river was frozen.

Dog is outside panting in a field brain teasers

Since the water was frozen over, Fido was able to walk over the river with no problems!

Question: The letters of the word dormitory can be rearranged to produce a two-word phrase that describes a typical dormitory. What is that phrase?

Girl Moving Into Dorm Room brain teasers

Think about the words you’d use to describe your child’s dorm room…

Answer: The two-word phrase is “dirty room.”

Dirty clothes, what to give up in your 40s, over 40 brain teasers

…Which is appropriate in this situation.

Question: Imagine your mother had five children. Children are named in a pattern. Name of first child is “April’19”. The second child was named as “July’20”. The third child was named as “October’21”. What was the fourth and fifth child’s name?

40 compliments brain teasers

Hint: If you get the fourth one, fifth is pretty obvious.

confused man scratching his head about riddle

Answer: Fourth Child is named as January’23.
Refer your Birth Certificate for fifth child’s name!

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