And, She Won…

By Aditya Singh (L&T MHPS)

Dusk had covered the scene. The hustling crowd, loud music, drums and her rising heartbeat. That was what Khushi could fathom while moving through the biggest fair of the city.

Being an eleven-year mute girl with no whereabouts of her parents, begging was Khushi’s only option since birth. However, money was not what the girl craved for but it was affection. Ah! Sadly, the world was deafer than she was mute.

Unaware of the policy of ‘Giving less and expecting more’  prevalent in the world, Khushi’s delight had no bounds when she was approached by a few people for shelter and food, a few days back. Blinded by the rare love, she gave her nod for what her new masters wanted her to do. And for their purpose, there she was, roaming in the fair that day.

At the fair, these expectations were making Khushi’s long beautiful jacket heavier. Surprisingly, even though the girl wore such a robe for the first time, it only added to her charm and not to her happiness. It was the day of firsts. After all, for the first time, she saw such a huge fair so closely. Happy people, bangles, dresses, toys, jalebis, ice creams, rides and everything that could have made her happy was there. She saw all this with a gleam in her beautiful eyes.

The materialistic world, which had always remained blind to the girl’s smile, eyes and innocence found the girl magnificent today. And to her astonishment, the little girl found a few from the crowd even reaching out to her to offer ice creams, sweets and yes, affection. The girl’s lips took the pain to widen up and her eyes sparkled like the stars. But, as people came nearer, something struck her heart. She saw nothing but smiles, joy, laughter, merriness and her rising heartbeat.  Her eyes spoke of a different purpose at that instant. The newly received affection had yet again done something to the girl.

She ran away from the crowd. She ran away from love. She ran away from affection. She ran away from care. She ran as if she ran for her life only to find a small storeroom in solitude at a far off distance from the crowd. Within moments, the room stored with huge amounts of colours, sparkles and glitters for the fair found Khushi sitting inside it.

But suddenly all the happiness had gone, she sat there with teary eyes and a grave expression covering her face. She unzipped her long beautiful jacket with rage. The jacket that had made everyone look at her with affection today. She looked at that life-threatening time bomb on the jacket’s inner side and cried not for her but at the thought of not paying her masters back for all their love. Khushi closed her eyes and smiled with triumphant amusement for the one last time. BOOM!

The loud explosion drew everyone’s attention. The explosion in the room had made the stored colours fly as if a rainbow from the sky was trying to touch the ground. The crowd looked around themselves to watch the mesmerizing hues, sparkles, glitters and the raining happiness. And with all this, Khushi was still visible in their smiles.                                                                                                                                                                                                            ADIOS!

Note: This is not an original story and is an adaptation of a song’s video Marz by the Yellow Diaries and concept by Maanavi Bedi.

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